Social Media Posts for Dentists – 10 Ideas to Help You Get it Right

Social media posts for dentists

Social media posts for dentists

Did you know that almost half of the world’s population now use social media? What’s more, people are spending an average of two hours a day on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For a dental surgery, that’s a lot of potential patients. Social media is a simple yet effective tool that allows you to target new clients in a personalised and cost-effective way. But just how powerfully can social media transform a dentist’s marketing strategy?

Social media has become a vital aspect of marketing for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Specifically, social media posts create a platform for dentists to engage with patients in between visits, increasing the chance they’ll rebook at your practice. Social media will also raise brand awareness and keep your clients informed of any news, offers or practice announcements.

Challenges for dentists

Dentistry is a profession of constant change. As a dentist, you most likely have many jobs to do simultaneously, such as provide high standards of patient care, perform dental procedures, manage the practice and keep up-to-date with industry trends.

The most common challenges for dentists are getting patients to remember to book their appointments and overcome the fear and anxiety associated with a visit to the dentist. A fish tank and magazines only go so far!

Digital communication has become the quickest and most effective way to communicate with your patients. A letter in the post is archaic, can easily be ignored, forgotten about or lost. However, a friendly appointment reminder posted online or sent through Facebook messenger is far more likely to capture your patients’ attention.

Posting regular content on social media will allow you to communicate with patients quickly and efficiently. It will also facilitate networking and help you build long-term relationships with your patients.

Top 10 social media posts for dentists

So, you’ve decided to commit to building your online presence. The next decision to make is what kind of content you should actually post. Your efforts must be engaging and interactive in order to encourage patients through the doors of your dental practice.

Here are some useful social media ideas for dentists to help get you started:


Posting articles that contain the latest advice on oral health and why it is important is a guaranteed way to boost your credibility. Share industry news stories, press releases and interviews from other professionals in the dental industry to enhance brand awareness and establish yourself as an industry leader.


Create social media posts with links to new treatments or offers. Provide a brief explanation of the services offered and procedures so patients will know what to expect, therefore making them more comfortable and likely to return.

Followers will want to stay tuned to your social media page so they don’t miss out on any new services or offers.


In order for social media posts to offer value for dentists, they should capture people’s interest. It’s a well-known fact that images grab a reader’s attention quicker than words. Research shows that content that includes an image gets 94% more views than content without.

What better way to demonstrate your skills and professionalism in dentistry than to post a before and after image of a happy, satisfied customer? It’s important to make sure the image is of high resolution, and ideally one that you have taken yourself. You will also need to get your patient’s permission before posting pictures of them online.

You can also post images of related local events to help foster a community feel to your practice. Is it a member of the team’s birthday? Post a picture of them blowing out the candles on their cake to show your followers that you care about your team.


With so many options these days, most people will turn to online reviews before deciding where to go for dental care.

Sharing patient’s positive comments is a great way to make potential patients feel comfortable choosing your dental practice over a competitor. A good number of patient reviews and ratings will also improve your SEO, meaning your practice will be listed higher in search engine results.

For more impact, you could consider doing a video interview with a patient and upload it as a testimonial on your website.

5.Top tips

Post a relevant top tip to social media such as, ‘What food and drink to eat for good dental health and what to avoid’, or ‘Top 10 toothbrushes’. Followers will appreciate the advice and regard you as experts in your profession, which helps to build trust. Hopefully, your tips will also persuade patients to pass on the advice.


Another tip is to interview or profile yourself and the members of your team. People love to read about other people, and doing this will make your posts more personable and help to ease patients’ anxiety. People will love to see the personal side of your business, and they will already feel familiar with you when the time comes for them to book an appointment.


Social media users love polls. Why? Because they’re engaging and help customers to feel that their opinions are important. Polls are a powerful tool and can be used to gain valuable (and free) patient feedback. This feedback can then be used to develop a greater understanding of your patients and identify potential areas for improvement.

8.Link to website

It is important to have an easy-to-use online system for patients to book appointments at a time that is convenient for them. It is also handy for automatic reminders to be sent to patients, which considerably reduces the number of no-shows. Post a link to your online booking system on social media to remind patients how easy it is to book their next appointment and cancel any they can’t make.

9.Practice updates

Is your dental practice having a fresh lick of paint or some new furniture? If so, share the news and progress on social media posts. This is a great way to humanise your business, and patients will be interested to see what happens behind the scenes. Don’t forget to ask for their opinions!

10.Live Q&As

This is a fun and light-hearted way to interact and engage with your followers. It’s also a great way to promote shares of your social media posts, therefore increasing the number of views you get. Choose relevant, newsworthy and seasonal topics to grab as much interest as possible. For example, ‘What’s your oral hygiene routine?’.

Creating and maintaining an online presence

There is no denying that, for dentists, social media posts have many benefits. Competing practices are probably already posting content to several platforms a day, so don’t let them take your potential patients.

The most important thing to remember is to have a regular presence on social media. The earlier you start, the faster you will see your patient network grow.

We understand that dentists are extremely busy and it’s difficult to find the time to create relevant and compelling content on a regular basis. Outsourcing your social media will save you precious time, which means you can focus on the needs of patients whilst benefiting from the many advantages social media posts for dentists have to offer.

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