Social Media for Consultants – How to Use Social Media to Raise Your Rates


A consistent social media presence is essential if you want your brand to succeed. With almost 3.5 billion users across the globe, social media is essentially a marketplace full of potential new clients and income streams.

Consumers are likely to view brands that are active on social media as more trustworthy, so it’s also one of the most effective ways to establish your consultancy business as an authority within the field you operate.

There are many benefits of social media for consultants, but what’s the best way to harness the power of social media to boost your online presence, and in turn, your profits? These tips will help any type of consultant to establish a strong online profile.

Share your own content

Sharing original content that’s interesting and relevant to your customer base through social media not only drives traffic to your website but also helps to establish you as an authority in the consultancy sector.

This content could be an infographic you’ve produced that offers insightful facts and figures about your industry or some exciting news about your company. Even something as simple as sharing a blog post from your website featuring advice and tips about consultancy is an effective way to demonstrate your expertise.

Regularly posting this type of content will encourage your customer base to recognise you as the kind of reliable, informed authority that can justify charging a higher rate for their services.

Engage with your customer base

Interacting with existing and potential clients on social media builds a positive relationship with your customer base and shows how much you value them.

In fact, 60% of people think that using social media to deliver customer service is one of the best ways to reach out to an audience. A further 44% think it’s the most effective way for brands and customers to interact.

Responding professionally to feedback and reviews, both positive and negative, shows a commitment to customer satisfaction. Joining a relevant Facebook group and offering to troubleshoot problems for fellow members is a great way to attract new clients and boosts your authority on the topic too.

You can encourage clients old and new to interact with your business by holding Q&A sessions about the consultancy sector, for example. Engaging in informative online conversations not only builds a positive, trusting relationship between the customer and your brand, but it also helps to establish you as an expert in your field.

Share your positive reviews

Research shows that 95% of consumers read reviews before committing to a purchase. In the digital age, reviews are the new word of mouth and a trusted endorsement of your services.

Thanks to social media, you’re no longer limited to website testimonials. You can now easily share positive reviews with a large audience via your social media channels. What better way to get new clients on board and boost your business reputation than with a glowing review?

Sharing positive reviews can work wonders when it comes to improving your profit margins too. Over two thirds of consumers say they would consider paying up to 15% more if a product or service is backed up by a good review. Shouting about your clients’ positive experiences with your consulting service online is an effective method that’ll bring you a step closer to raising your rates.

Offer your followers benefits and discounts

One of the main reasons people follow businesses on social media is so they can learn about company promotions and offers. In fact, nearly half of social media users say a giveaway or competition would persuade them to invest in a service or product.

Give people an incentive to follow you on social media by offering a discount on your consulting services or a free download of your resources, like an e-book or report. Have them like your content, tag their friends and share it with their own followers to access your promotions. Before you know it, your business will be noticed by an even bigger audience, which will help grow your following and expand your customer base.

Share third-party content

Sharing your own content is important, of course, but overdo it and it can make your followers feel like you’re constantly trying to sell them something. You can easily avoid alienating your customer base by sharing a combination of original and third-party content. This also tells clients you’re up to speed with consulting trends and a reliable source of industry-related information.

Offering your social media followers a healthy mix of original and third-party content also means that when you do post about your business, they’re all the more likely to take notice.

Social media for consultants: putting it all into practice

So now you’re equipped with a few tactics that will get your business noticed on social media and put you on the path to raising your rates. But there’s just one problem: where on earth are you supposed to find the time?

Consultants are busy people, and many simply don’t have enough time to post on social media regularly. Considering that consistency is the key to a successful social media strategy, this presents a few challenges for consultants.

The task at hand may seem daunting, but social media for consultants doesn’t have to be overwhelming. As a consultant you’ll know that some things are best left in the hands of experts, so why not outsource your social media?

Who should handle my social media?

Thanks to Scoot Social, social media for consultants has never been easier. We have the skills and knowledge to help your business thrive on social media while leaving you with enough time to actually run it. Our flagship product Scoot365 is a low-cost service ideal for consultants who want to ensure their presence on social media is consistent and valuable.

For just $99 per month, we will post on Facebook on Twitter seven days a week and make sure your social media feeds are populated with an engaging mix of both original and third-party content at all times.

Our package also includes a social media dashboard that allows you to approve content before it’s posted and a weekly email preview of the upcoming week’s posts. There’s the opportunity to post your own content too.

Get in touch with Scoot Social to discover how we can help your consultancy business find success on social media.