Social Media Content for Accountants: What’s the Winning Formula?

social media content for accountants

social media content for accountants

No business should miss the social media bandwagon. Even industries steeped in more traditional practices have a right to jump aboard, and many will reap the benefits in a relatively short amount of time.

Social media has become the go-to platform for people wanting to catch up with their friends and colleagues; to receive updates from their industry and read news from around the world. Therefore, most people expect a business to have a social media channel of some sort. If they don’t, we wonder why. Yet, accountancy firms still lag behind other industries in their use of social media for business. As it stands, there are not enough social media icons adorning the websites of accountancy firms. Perhaps it’s time to change that.


The benefits of creating social media content for accountants

There is a misconception that customers won’t trust their finances to a firm that Tweets frivolously. Some people question what possible use such a business could find for Instagram or Facebook if they don’t provide online services.

However, even accountancy firms can get involved in social media and watch their reputation flourish. Here’s why social media content is a great thing for accountants:

  1. Social media content helps to build your accountancy brand 
    Social media gives your business a voice through which to communicate with your clients. This goes beyond just providing information. The voice and tone you use in your posts can express your company values and highlight what sets you apart from your competitors. It can show your human side, demonstrating that you are an approachable firm that is easy to do business with.
  2. Social media can help you to reach new customers 
    Most small businesses are on at least one social media channel, and if you are there too you can search and connect with them. Linking your social media posts back to your website is an effective way to grow traffic. There are even tools that can help you track the return on investment you are getting from your social media content. Social media is an effective channel through which recommendations can be made. If your followers like a post, share or comment positively on it, you have advocates for your business. That all helps when a potential client is looking for an accountancy firm.
  3. Social media can be used to stay in touch with existing customers 
    Social media is a passive way to keep in front of your customers, even when you are not currently undertaking work for them. Appearing in their news feed even once a day will keep you front of mind. You can discuss new services, changes to your business and post content that gets important messages to your customers. What is more you can even ask them for their views – free market research!
  4. Social media is an excellent way to manage the customer experience 
    Feedback through social media channels is quick. Customers can Tweet or comment to praise or complain about you. When the feedback is good, this is free promotion for your business. Even when the feedback is poor, it presents an opportunity to demonstrate your values. Jumping straight into a Twitter feed or comment chain to apologise for poor service and offer resolution can quickly turn a negative experience around.


What makes great social media content for accountants?

The range of social media content that accountants can create is wide and varied. It is not all about tax returns, although it can be a useful way to make tax returns feel less daunting for small businesses.

If you are venturing into the world of social media for the first time, you need to carefully consider who your target audience is and what he or she may find valuable. Profile that person: consider what their needs are and think what information you can post that solves their problems.

You also need to think about your firm and what objectives you have for using social media. You will probably have more than one objective – e.g. to attract new customers and to engage with existing ones – so you may have more than one profile to compile. Each will respond to different types of information.

Effective social media content, for accountants, should contain a mix of thought leadership, promotional content and interaction with followers. Accountancy is a complex subject so create content that explains and demystifies processes. It doesn’t all have to be written content; a short video explaining a difficult topic is worth a thousand words. And it will probably get more shares too.

But you are not limited to sharing social media content about accountancy related topics. Provided there is some link to the services you offer, you can post content about any subject a business owner may be interested in. This might be content about marketing, growth or technology which all have tangential links to accountancy.

When and where accountants should post on social media

There are many different social media channels at your disposal, but not all will be right for your business. You certainly don’t want to plough straight in with content on all those available. 75% of B2B companies market on Twitter so that is a great place to start. Linked In has a strong professional network so it is an excellent channel through which to engage with leaders and decision makers. Facebook is good for sharing thought leadership and showcasing customer experience or social advocacy. Instagram is possibly one for the back burner. A channel to consider once the others have taken off and you have established your creative mojo.

If you decide to start using social media, you need to embrace it and do it regularly. Don’t post content for the sake of it – everything you put online should have a purpose and a message. But you should look to post something every day or at least weekly.

This kind of schedule might sound daunting, but a message can be disseminated across more than one channel and broken down into different sized pieces. A link to a blog can be posted on LinkedIn or Facebook, and key words or statistics can be Tweeted. Articles that are relevant to your audience can be shared, prefixed with a sentence about how your firm could help with the problem, or linked from a relevant page on your website.

Mixing it up is a great way to keep your audience interested. Some days you may just be sharing links to other sites and do little in the way of promoting your business. Other days you may be more direct in your approach.

Running a social media campaign: your options

Social media is a valuable tool through which customers and businesses can connect. Not all accountants take naturally to this concept, but moving with the times can only mean good things for business. If you find this hard to do, there are plenty of ways to get familiarise yourself with the world of online marketing. However, if you don’t have the time or inclination to handle your firm’s social media, the smart decision is to outsource.

A social media campaign can be run in-house, but if posts are going out daily and relevant content needs to be written or sourced, this can take time. Therefore, you may wish to hire a dedicated individual or team to do the campaign justice. But are you ready to employ a social media team? Perhaps not quite.

If handling your social media in-house is too resource-heavy for a small accountancy firm, outsourcing the campaign to an agency could be a better option. This gives you access to specialists that know exactly where and what to post to get the impact you need. These agencies have access to expensive tools that will help to grow your audience and analyse campaign effectiveness. But doing this can be an investment which small firms are not willing to make, particularly if they haven’t fully bought into the concept of social media.

So what options are left? Scoot365 bridges that knowledge-investment gap. We can provide a regular feed of high-quality social media content for accountants at a competitive price and without the need to sign up to a minimum contract. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you launch your accountancy business on social media.