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Main Features

A Complete Social Media Solution for Businesses

Easy Setup

Our simple setup process will take just 5 minutes of your time. You can even do it on your smartphone! Within 7 days, you will see your first posts. 

Consistent Content

We will post once each day to Twitter and Facebook, 7 days a week! This ensures that whenever anyone checks you out online, it is made clear that you are active, open and ready for business!

Custom Graphics

Our graphic design team will create 50+ great looking images that we will then use to make your posts look great! 


Our proprietary system will use real-time data to ensure only the most engaging content is shared to your accounts. Why leave it t chance? 

Social Media Dashboard

We’ll set and give you access to your own social media dashboard. This means you can check, edit and supplement the content we create for you, and monitor and manage your accounts. 

Weekly Previews

We’ll send you a weekly email with your social media schedule for the coming week. Check it, change it or add to it – even if you’re on your smartphone. 

How Does It Work?

Want to go ahead? What happens next?

Easy Setup

Ready to get started? Great! Just click ‘Buy Now’ anywhere on this page and you’ll be taken to a checkout page with a few optional add ons you may choose to add. 

Complete Checkout

Our simple, secure checkout process will allow you to subscribe to our service using all major credit cards. It’s quick, easy and secure.


Once your payment has been processed, you’ll then be taken to your customer dashboard, where you’ll be asked to fill in a short questionnaire (5 mins), which will give us all the information we need to create your first posts. 

First Posts

3 days after you submit the questionnaire back to us you will receive an email to let you know that your first posts have been scheduled. You can then check these through the social media dashboard we will have provided you with. 

Start 7-Day Trial | Only $1

No Minimum Contract. Cancel Anytime.

$99/month After Trial Ends


What's Included?

When you buy the Scoot365 package, you will not only get daily social media content for your business, but you will also get access to our proprietary techniques and systems.

Daily Posts to Twitter + Facebook ($199+ Monthly Value*)

We will create, prepare and publish two posts to both Twitter and Facebook, every day for a whole year. 


*This is based on the minimum monthly price we were quoted for a comparable service when we contacted 20+ social media agencies for a quote. Most were significantly more.

Custom Graphics ($500+ Value)

Our graphic design team will create over 50 great looking graphics for your business and use these to make your social media posts look both professional and engaging.

Weekly Content Previews

Each week, we will send you a preview of the posts we have scheduled on your account. This will allow you to see how each post is going to look, so you’ll know exactly what’s coming. These emails will also include a link for you to go and view, edit and add to these posts before they are published. You have complete control, without the hassle of producing the content yourself.

Social Media Dashboard ($30 Monthly Value)

We’ll provide you with a customised social media dashboard that will allow you to see, monitor and edit any of the content we create for you and publish any posts of your own.

Optimised Content Mix

We’ll post an optimised mix of posts designed to generate awareness and interest. This’ll include third party content and posts promoting your company,  product or service.


Our proprietary system will ensure that only the most engaging content is shared to your profiles. This is determined by real-time, engagement related data.

Start 7-Day Trial | Only $1

No Minimum Contract. Cancel Anytime.

$99/month After Trial Ends


Who's it For?

Business Owners

Social media presents most business owners with a problem. They know the benefits of social media, and how important it is to have a solid presence, but it doesn’t warrant another member of staff or the large monthly agency fees. It’s a tough position to be in. Scoot365 gives business owners a smart and simple solution.  


All startups start with a relatively small budget and team. However, you NEED a social media presence to build credibility and so that you have an audience when you do launch. Scoot365 solves the problem of your social media. For Startups, it makes perfect sense


The trouble with going solo is that you don’t have anyone to take over those small tasks that you just don’t have time to do each day. social media definitely fits into this category for most solopreneurs. For a relatively small monthly cost, Scoot365 offers Solopreneurs the chance to take social media off their to-do list, for good

Start 7-Day Trial | Only $1

No Minimum Contract. Cancel Anytime.

$99/month After Trial Ends


About Our Posts

We'll make sure your social feeds are full of great content, at all times.

Engaging Curated Content

Our innovative ScootSense system enables us to ensure that only the most engaging and relevant third party content is shared to your social media accounts. Why leave it to chance when you can let real-time data dictate which content people are responding to the most?

Great Looking Images

Our graphics team will create 50+ graphics specifically for your business, using your logo, colours and branding.

Great Looking Posts

We'll use the graphics we create for you to make sure your posts look great, and perform well.

Ready to get started?

Start 7-Day Trial | Only $1

No Minimum Contract. Cancel Anytime.

$99/month After Trial Ends


Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? No problem...

What happens when my trial ends?

After 7 days, the payment method you used to start your trial will be charged $99. you will then be charged $99 per month on the monthly anniversary of your trial end. 

If you cancel your trial within the first 7 days, you won’t be charged anything else, only the $1 you originally paid to begin your trial. 

After your trial has expired, you can still cancel at any time, and for any reason. Simply cancel your subscription in your customer dashboard. 

Can I see some examples of posts you'll create?

Every business is different. The posts we’ree likely to create for you are going to be very different from many other businesses we work with. 

The best way for you to see the content we’ll produce is to sign up for our trial. It’ll only cost you $1, and you’ll get a full week of content from us, including custom graphics. If you like it, you can continue using the service. If not (you will), you can simply cancel your trial. 

Will we be tied into a contract?

Nope. You are free to cancel at any time. For any reason. 

Simply log in to your dashboard and cancel your package. It really is as simple as that!

I want to go ahead, what next?

We have a simple online checkout that will allow you to process payment using a debit/credit card. Once you have completed the payment, you will be redirected to our online onboarding form. This is a very short and simply questionnaire that should take you no more than 5 minutes to complete. At this point, you will also have the opportunity to share your logo files with us, so we can begin creating your custom graphics.


Once you have completed the online questionnaire, you will then receive an email with a link to your online social media dashboard. When you click this link, you will be asked to give us access to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you are accessing this link on a device that is already logged in to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you will be able to grant us access at the touch of a button. That’s it, we’ve got everything we need. You will start seeing your content within 5 working days.  The whole process should take less than 5 minutes to complete, and can even be completed on your smartphone.

What if I'm not happy with the content?

Each week we will send you an email preview of the content we have scheduled to be published on your social networks over the coming week. In this email, you will be able to see exactly how the social media posts will look, and click on the links that they will include. If you want to change, edit or supplement any of these posts, there will be a link in each email to your social media dashboard. At any time, you can simply click the link and change any of the posts until you are 100% happy. In reality, it is very rare that you will need to edit anything within the posts.

How's it such good value?

We’ve been operating in this sector for over 8 years, so we understand the value and cost of what we do. If you go to 5-10 social media agencies and ask for a quote for them to post to your Facebook and Twitter accounts every day, you are likely to get quotes from $150-$1000 per month – so how can we offer our package for just $99/month?


There are three things that allow us to offer this value:

  1. We focus only on what works. We’ve stripped out anything we consider to be ‘optional’ or ‘extra’ – leaving you with a highly refined, effective and cost-effective package.
  2. We have developed highly effective systems and processes that allow us to streamline the delivery of our service (e.g. ScootSense).
  3. With volume, comes considerable cost savings. Scoot365 is currently being sold to customers across the world, and we are passing the savings that come with that on to all our customers.

Can I still post to my social media accounts?

Of course. In fact, we see Scoot365 as the ‘Minimum Effective Dose’.  To really get the most from social media, we would definitely recommend occasionally posting to your social media accounts to supplement the content we create for you. In particular, posts (including photos) of events you’ve been attending, or what is going on in your business work really well.

The social media dashboard we provide you with is designed to make this whole process as easy as possible for you. Simply log in to the dashboard, either on your desktop or mobile) and you’ll be able to quickly create and schedule your posts to all social media networks. You will also be able to schedule your post to fit in with the content we have already scheduled for you. The whole process works really well!

Will you reply to our social media messages?

No, the service we provide is to post content to your social media accounts on a regular basis. if you receive messages, questions or comments on either your Facebook page or Twitter account, you should reply to these yourself. 

However, this is the reason we supply all our customers with a social media dashboard that makes monitoring and replying to social media messages as easy as possible. 

If we run a special offer, can you post about it for us?

For special offers that only run for a set period of time, we recommend that you post about these yourself using the social media dashboard we provide you with. The reason for this is that the content we will have planned or scheduled for your accounts will have been prepared up to two weeks in advance. 

What should we do if we need support?

Our friendly team are waiting to help you with any questions you might have. To get in touch, please simply contact us through your customer dashboard and our team will get back to you within 48hours. 

When will I see my first social media posts?

Once you complete the checkout process, you’ll see a link to your dashboard. If you click that link, you’ll see an option to fill out a questionnaire that we ask all our customers to complete before we start the post-planning process. It’s a short questionnaire that should only take you 5 minutes to complete. 

You will receive an email preview of your first posts exactly 7 days after you submit this questionnaire to us. 

Do you offer any other services?

We are always launching new services to our customers. This might include anything from blog article writing to Instagram management. The one thing that all these services have in common is that they are designed to give our customers all the benefits of much more expensive services, at a fraction of the cost. 

All our customers will see any new services that we launch in their dashboard as soon as they are available. 

Still Got Questions?

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Examples of Posts

Here are some examples of the type of posts we'd create for your business

Each of the social media accounts below are being run by ScootSocial. Your posts would be similar in style to those you see below, though they would obviously be made specific to your business and industry.

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$99/month After Trial Ends